AV Homes

Why AV Homes

At AV Homes we appreciate the fact that what we design and build reaches far beyond walls, doors, and windows.

Your home is truly a sense of family and place; a haven of comfort and joy. This understanding shapes our entire thinking and philosophy, and has culminated in our central promise: build what you most value.

That’s a responsibility which AV Homes values and takes deep pride and pleasure in fulfilling; one which our team aspires to daily and which embraces a true passion in continually reassuring you that we will always do the right thing.

To that end, AV Homes distinguishes itself by creating award-winning new home designs emphasizing the principles of healthy living and community involvement, and brings the professionalism of its veteran team to ensure an unforgettable and seamless experience in reaching our goal: a positively delighted homeowner.

When planning each inspired setting, AV Homes thoughtfully considers the location, features, accessibility, amenities, activities, and ultimately your well-being in always providing an innovative, exceptional and enriched living experience.


We love the area. The homes are beautiful and well-built. The amenities are perfect for us. Suzanne, my salesperson, was wonderful! CantaMia is perfect for my husband and me. Everything we need or want is right here. My neighbors are great! I was worried about this, because I loved my neighbors in my former neighborhood and I was afraid I would not have that again.
Loiselle J. - CantaMia Resident
10 years as a resident and absolutely love it. I tell people that everyday that I come through the gate, I feel like I'm on vacation. I sat out back yesterday (we live on a pond) and thought this is one of the prettiest and most relaxing places I've ever been. I felt like that 10 years ago and still feel like that today.
Mark Munas - Solivita resident
I love the people here in our community. Solivita attracts nice people, all wanting the same things: beautiful homes, picturesque landscaping, and residents that are pleasant, easygoing and full of vim and vigor! Moving to Solivita was the best decision we could have made. We don’t have to deal with the northern cold, the rat race, the concrete jungle! Here in Solivita I have found peacefulness, tranquility and a lifestyle that only Solivita has to offer.
Joe - Solivita Resident
Nick - CantaMia Resident
… I have been looking at your homes in Vermillion. We are still on the fence about price points and moving but I just wanted to let you know Derek has been very very helpful and great for your team and we are very impressed with the homes styles and selections - and that’s very hard for a person that works with architects all day.
Brooke Losue - Vermillion
In 2011, my husband and I were convinced we were moving to a 55+ community outside of Charleston, SC. We were told about Solivita by friends, and decided to visit as a comparison, taking advantage of the Discovery Days. As soon as we drove into Solivita we were hooked. The property and amenities were amazing and the people we met were very friendly. We went back to Pittsburgh, PA sold our house in three days and moved into our Solivita home 6 weeks later. Solivita is truly a glimpse of paradise this side of heaven!
Bob and Denise - Solivita Residents
Alex - CantaMia Resident
We bought on an impulse and we have never regretted it! I have recommended AV Homes because it is a wonderful community, so much to do and the best thing is the people that live here – so many friends. We came every week to watch our home being built. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately. Living at CantaMia is Very enjoyable – the best retirement we could hope for!
Bob and Betty B. - CantaMia Residents