Energy Savings

At AV Homes, we are always thinking about energy efficiency and how to be green. From building your home with materials that will save energy for years to come, to adding eco-friendly windows and Energy Star™ appliances, we’re always planning for the future – and more specifically, planning for your future.

When you move into an AV Homes home, you’re moving into a future of lower energy bills and a future of noise and heat resistance, all while improving our universe. We’re proud to be recognized for our environmentally sustainable home building practices. All of our homes emphasize the newest energy-efficient construction practices in the industry. Since many of our green building solutions optimize energy consumption, they’re healthy for the planet, as well as your wallet.

While availability varies by location and the specific state regulations in effect, below are some energy efficient technologies we offer whenever and wherever feasible.

Energy StarTM Labeled Homes

Feature appliances, lighting, and plumbing that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by some 4,500 lbs per house/per year.

Advanced Non-Toxic Insulation

Materials can keep temperature extremes under control, diminish noise and insect intrusion, and substantially reduce energy costs.

Eco-Friendly Windows

Built with Low Emissivity (‘Low E’) glass and channeled vinyl frames keep heat out, let sunlight in, and offer high strength and stability.

Radiant-Barrier Roof Sheathing

Can reduce temperatures in attics and crawl spaces by up to 30° while still allowing moisture to escape for good roof health.

High SEER Air Conditioning Units

Will keep you comfortable, save you money, and protect the health of the ozone thanks to enviro-benign refrigerant.
*All pricing, availability, plans and elevations of our new homes are subject to change without notice. This web site may contain incomplete or out-of-date information. For current information please visit our AV Homes Sales Centers at each individual community.