Nicholas G. Interview

“It's like we died and went to heaven. It is so peaceful and quiet in this community.”
Nicholas G.,
CantaMia at Estrella

MaryJo B. Interview

“They're beautiful homes; they're well made...if you have any complaints, if there's anything wrong with your home, they'll fix it right away.”
Mary Jo B.,
CantaMia at Estrella

We have been treated like valued future members of a neighborhood community.

“The friendliness of everyone involved, the commitment to doing things right, and the personal nature of doing business with AV Homes. We haven't felt like nameless pawns dealing with a big corporation; rather, we have been treated like valued future members of a neighborhood community!”
New Creekside at Bethpage Resident,
Creekside at Bethpage

It's truly like living in paradise!

“After visiting so many communities in the southeast, we realized that Solivita possesses the perfect overall experience for us.
Solivita offers the opportunity to participate in so many recreational activities, such as golf, clubs and swimming and all in an environment that cannot be surpassed in Central Florida. It’s truly like living in paradise!”
Bill and Trudi,

If you are looking for friendly, goodhearted, generous people, come to CantaMia.

“Making friends at CantaMia is a breeze. There really are no strangers here. We have met the most genuinely kind folks in this community. People here are so interesting. Many were CEO’s or doctors, teachers, business owners, but here they are all neighbors. There are no pretentious folks. Everyone looks out for one another and truly cares. We have been amazed at the friendships we have developed. It’s as though we have known these people forever. If you are looking for friendly, goodhearted, generous people, come to CantaMia.”
Gail M.,
CantaMia at Estrella

... immediately loved the feel of the community...

“Eleven years ago we came to Solivita to visit friends and immediately loved the feel of the community the minute we drove through the gates. We had been searching for years for a retirement location we could agree upon and this was the first time we both liked what we saw. We decided to build the home we wanted and give ourselves a couple years to see if indeed we made the right decision. Ten years later we are still here and loving it. We discovered we bought not only a beautiful, well-built home, but made many new friends and enjoy a fabulous, active lifestyle as well.”
Patricia and Loren Mathews,

We love it here.

“We love it here. The community is so friendly. The Village Center has so many different activities. The fitness center and classes are very diverse. Living at CantaMia is the best thing we have decided to do! We have met all the surrounding neighbors. They were so nice and very helpful.”
CeeCee S.,
CantaMia at Estrella

Everyone was warm and welcoming!

“We settled in Solivita unexpectedly. We bought our home mainly because of the beauty both aesthetics and the temperament of the residents. Everyone was warm and welcoming! I love my neighbors – as much as we all are different, we all are the same. We all want to be in a place with supportive, encouraging and vibrant friends and neighbors. This is what makes up Solivita. I love the employees. They know us by name and make it so inviting to partake in the events, activities and dining experiences here within the community. “No regrets” is what I tell all my friends and family! I worked hard for many years and believe I deserve to enjoy life to the fullest “playing and romping” in the safe, beautiful and serene community of Solivita.”

Nancy G. Interview

“I tell my friends that I have come to paradise; I've found serenity. This is a wonderful place to be.”
Nancy G.,
CantaMia at Estrella

Alex N. Interview

“I get emotional sometimes because we've never been happier in our lives...the people are wonderful. I've probably never had so many friends.”
Alex N.,
CantaMia at Estrella

I fell in love with Solivita

“I wanted to move closer to my son and enjoy the warm weather in Florida. I fell in love with Solivita the minute that I saw it. The homes are beautiful, the activities are fantastic and the residents are warmer than the weather.”
Don and Jean,

Our social life has never been so full and rewarding

“I would need two sheets of paper to list all we love about Solivita. In addition to the obvious i.e. the facilities, recreational opportunities, social atmosphere, the many clubs and programs, entertainment, beauty, etc. etc. the best part of the community, being here virtually since the beginning, are the many friendships we have established with people from all over the United States and even some foreign countries. Our social life has never been so full and rewarding. We never imagined during our working life that our retirement years would be filled with so much fun and activities. We actually look forward to every day, doing something different and meeting new people as the community grows. Being close to all Central Florida has to offer, our children and grandchildren visit often and look forward t seeing Grandma and Pop-Pop. We both cannot see ourselves living anywhere else.”
Marty and Joy,

...we found what we were looking for

“We were looking for a tranquil setting and a new lifestyle. After visiting the models at Vitalia and driving around town, we knew we found what we were looking for. The residents are welcoming and there are so many options available. We feel confident that Vitalia was a great decision as we embark on our new journey.”
Flo and Fred,
Vitalia at Tradition

...a vacation every day!

“Living at CantaMia is a vacation every day! My neighbors are great people who also want to enjoy their retirement. Part of retirement is the home, but just as important are the friendships and shared experiences.”
Walter B.,
CantaMia at Estrella

The decision to buy in Solivita was easy...

“We looked at 55+ communities all across Florida and Solivita had the best overall “feel” to it as home. Combined with the best home designs we encountered, the decision to buy in Solivita was easy. I watched our new Solivita home being built, and was always pleased with the extra quality touches that were included. For example, the quantity of insulation applied was surprising, and our low electric bills attest to the quality of that insulation.”
Rob Forker,

We absolutely love it here.

“The social events here in CantaMia are so much fun. We have potlucks, holiday gatherings, barbeques and parties of all kinds. You can attend as many or as few as you wish. They are all well put together and all the ones we have attended have been a blast. There seems to always be something to do. It’s funny, but many of us have said when we travel we always wonder what we might be missing back home in CantaMia. We have absolutely NO regrets with our decision. We can’t imagine anyone not fitting in within this community. We absolutely love it here.”
Gail M.,
CantaMia at Estrella

Nick B. Interview

“We were so impressed with the surroundings and the home building itself and the location that we just jumped at it. We knew it was the place to be.”
Nick B.,
CantaMia at Estrella

The longer we live here the better we love it...

“The beautiful topography of Solivita was exactly what we had in mind for a retirement. The longer we live here the better we love it...the peacefulness, the wildlife, the clubs, but most of all the people. The support you receive from the folks that live here is so much appreciated. Eva and I feel this is one of the best decisions we could have made. In Solivita compared to other active adult definitely get the best Bang for the Buck. We would do it again for sure.”
Gary and Eva,

The best of all possible worlds...

“Solivita represents the best of all possible worlds for me – every activity I enjoy has an organized network, the community is beautiful, and my neighbors are wonderful. From my first contact with a Solivita representative, I have found the staff at all levels and in all capacities to be professional, responsive, and helpful to the nth degree. I also feel safer and more comfortable in Solivita than in any other place I have ever lived. In a word – if you’re looking for “awesome,” you’ve found it at Solivita!”

I'm happy here!

“I’m happy here! I can’t imagine being anywhere else. We looked at many active communities and this was by far the best fit for us. My new neighbors are wonderful, friendly, welcoming and fun.”
Cindy and Dave M.,
CantaMia at Estrella

Best buy we ever made.

“Best buy we have ever made. We purchased our model in May after first visiting many offerings in Florida on both coasts and moved into our lovely home in December. We loved the features, the many available upgrades and options and have made a host of new friends. Sorry Philadelphia, but we do not miss the snow and power outages!”
Bob and Pam,
Vitalia at Tradition

CantaMia had everything we were looking for...

“We were looking for a 55 Plus Active Community being new to Arizona from Wisconsin. CantaMia had everything we were looking for, including the scenery! It’s a great place to live, wonderful activities, friendly staff. CantaMia is a wonderful, refreshing community, filled with fun and love and a good time to get in shape again. My new neighbors are amazing. When they didn’t recognize us, they introduced themselves and make us feel very welcome.”
Marjie G.,
CantaMia at Estrella

We saw Vitalia ... and fell in love

“We saw Vitalia and the quality of the homes AV was building and fell in love. Vitalia is quite beautiful and we love our home. The folks who live here are so friendly. The people you meet in the offices are just wonderful. The new clubhouse will be completed this summer and it will be quite the showplace!! So, “come on down.” “The price is right.””
Larry and Barbara,
Vitalia at Tradition

The best retirement we could hope for!

“We bought on an impulse and we have never regretted it! I have recommended AV Homes because it is a wonderful community, so much to do and the best thing is the people that live here – so many friends. We came every week to watch our home being built. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately. Living at CantaMia is Very enjoyable – the best retirement we could hope for!”
Bob and Betty B.,
CantaMia at Estrella

.... we were hooked.

“In 2011, my husband and I were convinced we were moving to a 55+ community outside of Charleston, SC. We were told about Solivita by friends, and decided to visit as a comparison, taking advantage of the Discovery Days. As soon as we drove into Solivita we were hooked. The property and amenities were amazing and the people we met were very friendly. We went back to Pittsburgh, PA sold our house in three days and moved into our Solivita home 6 weeks later. Solivita is truly a glimpse of paradise this side of heaven!”
Bob and Denise,

We are very impressed...

“… I have been looking at your homes in Vermillion. We are still on the fence about price points and moving but I just wanted to let you know Derek has been very very helpful and great for your team and we are very impressed with the homes styles and selections - and that’s very hard for a person that works with architects all day.”
Brooke Losue,
Bonterra Builders

I love the people here...

“I love the people here in our community. Solivita attracts nice people, all wanting the same things: beautiful homes, picturesque landscaping, and residents that are pleasant, easygoing and full of vim and vigor! Moving to Solivita was the best decision we could have made. We don’t have to deal with the northern cold, the rat race, the concrete jungle! Here in Solivita I have found peacefulness, tranquility and a lifestyle that only Solivita has to offer.”

10 years as a resident...

“10 years as a resident and absolutely love it. I tell people that everyday that I come through the gate, I feel like I'm on vacation. I sat out back yesterday (we live on a pond) and thought this is one of the prettiest and most relaxing places I've ever been. I felt like that 10 years ago and still feel like that today.”
Mark Munas,

We love the area...

“We love the area. The homes are beautiful and well-built. The amenities are perfect for us. Suzanne, my salesperson, was wonderful! CantaMia is perfect for my husband and me. Everything we need or want is right here. My neighbors are great! I was worried about this, because I loved my neighbors in my former neighborhood and I was afraid I would not have that again.”
Loiselle J.,
CantaMia at Estrella
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