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Peace of mind for the place you live.

couple-with-children At AV Homes we know that standing behind our homes and responding promptly to your service needs over time builds something more durable than any structure. It builds trust.

Let us know what you need. Complete and submit the Owner Care Request form on this page. Immediately after hitting the submit button, you should receive a “Thank You / Confirmation” message replacing the form. Should you not see this message please call to report your service need.

  • Arizona email: CustomerCareAZ@avhomesinc.com
  • Charlotte, NC Service Number: 704-285-6201, ext. 2074
  • Florida Service Number: 800-858-5933*
  • Raleigh, NC Service Number: 919-313-2085

Otherwise, an AV Homes team member will contact you during normal business hours to confirm receipt and arrange any next steps.