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At AV Homes, we understand that the home buying process can be long, tedious, and stressful. We understand, and we’re here to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. From aiding in picking out your home model, customizing it to fit your needs, submitting necessary paperwork, and moving in, we’re here for you.

We have years of experience in the home buying process and we have found that the best home purchasing experiences come when you are prepared for the process, when you know the steps to take, and when you have plenty of resources to help you along the way. We’re here as that resource for you, to answer all of your home buying questions, and to help you make the right decision for you and your family. We offer home buying tools and a wealth of knowledge to enhance your overall experience.

Home Buyer Tools

Home Buyer Mortgage Calculator

What kind of mortgage can I afford? How much of a down payment is required? What will my monthly mortgage be? It’s important to know the answers to these questions before you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. The AV Homes mortgage calculator will show you how much your monthly payment will be while also showing you the effect adding extra payments can have. We want you to be comfortable with your payment, so use this resource to figure out what you can afford, and reach out to us or a loan officer in your area with any questions!

Contact A Loan Officer

No loan officers for this metro area were found at this time.
Mark Wooten, Sun Trust
(919) 380-6766
NMLS ID# 74755
Brian Morris, Atlantic Bay Mortgage
(919) 624-7077
NMLS ID# 140676
Laura Brannock, RMF - Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC
(336) 516-3123
NMLS ID# 540288
Emily Bennett, BB&T Home Mortgage
(919) 424-1811
NMLS ID# 414606
Janet Duffy, Town Mortgage of the Carolinas
(919) 623-6323
NMLS ID# 92048
Chandler Abbott, American Securities
(704) 562-6697
NMLS ID# #90771
Tara Pinard, Bankers Mortgage Lending
(321) 689-5964
NMLS ID# 300521
Robin Mattos , Bankers Mortgage Lending
(407) 312-8871
NMLS ID# 300169
Beth Wakeley , Loan Depot
(623) 221-0048
NMLS ID# 210111
Jeff Johnson, Loan Depot
(480) 330-9058
NMLS ID# 256618

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