For today’s Active Adults, there’s no compromising on Health and Fitness

There’s a lot of careful planning that goes into the development of a new Active Adult community. In addition to the look, style, and size of the homes, and the communal amenities offered there, something else frequently is high on the list of must-have components, and that’s health and wellness centers.

Health and fitness are top issues for today’s 55-plus community, because this is a demographic that’s increasingly wellness-oriented. Everything from walking trails to fitness centers and health clubs remain a very big part of their lives.

And among Baby Boomers who are now entering their early to mid-50s, the idea of retiring or settling down is nowhere on their radar. To them, staying fit seems more vital than ever.

And for Active Adult communities like Solivita in Central Florida, the ability to walk along hiking trails, bicycle around the community, or take fitness classes at the state of the arts spa and fitness centers is a top reason why people decide to live there.


Why are Active Adults passionate about fitness?

Some people choose not to think about what happens to our bodies as we age. Admittedly, for most it’s not a fun subject. That can be particularly true as they approach what’s commonly known as the big Five “Oh No.”

But not everyone approaches their 50s with a sense of anxiety. It’s not that difficult to find people in this age range who insist they’re in the best shape they’ve ever been in. This has become a generation committed to the goal of being in great shape, feeling healthy, and staying very active long after 50.

More importantly, they know it’s entirely doable, and they have the motivation and discipline to stick to it.

Health and fitness experts say this is something that can be accomplished with a simple but highly effective four-step plan:

  1. Develop a purpose
  2. Plan your workouts in advance
  3. Be accountable to yourself
  4. Make fitness a non-negotiable priority, right up there with eating and sleeping.



And what they’re finding is this is not about working out harder than they did when they were in their 20s, but working out smarter as we get older. High impact aerobics isn’t what’s needed since most people in their 50s are not training for the Olympics. And let’s face it, this group doesn’t heal nearly as quickly as they did in their 20s.

The emphasis, really, is more on an overall healthy lifestyle that includes not just exercise and being physically fit, but also eating a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep every night, and living a balanced life.

Many of today’s active adults understand that fitness and health starts the moment you wake up and continues well into the night– during regular sleep cycles. For them, health and fitness are a lifestyle they strongly want to adopt. And they also have figured out why focusing on wellness is worth the time and effort. They not only believe they can be fit and healthy, but they’ve discovered that being active is a great way to have fun, hang out with friends and meet new people.


Why is physical activity important as we age?

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about keeping your body in shape. Your mental health is also significantly impacted by your lifestyle choices.

Physical activity is one of the ways your brain naturally produces “feel-good” chemicals, called endorphins.

We’ve come to understand the importance of regular physical activity and how it boosts us as we age. For example, regular exercise can help to:

  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Improve sleeping patterns
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Reduce anxiety or depression
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve how well you do at your job or business.

Of course, there are also great physical benefits as well, including strengthening our heart, lungs and muscles. It has plenty of other benefits as well, including helping people to:

  • Build strong bones.
  • Combat the risk of obesity
  • Help avoid diabetes.
  • Fight cancer
  • Prevent high blood pressure.

This is about so much more than looking fit and trim. Today’s active adults understand that. Staying at a healthy weight is more important to them than ever before.


How do 55-Plus communities respond to that?

For many decades, active adult communities have been designed to include exercise rooms with weight-lifting machines and treadmills. Today, it’s more common to find much larger state-of-the-art fitness centers incorporated into the community. Modern Active Adult communities have gone well beyond the simple concept of having a small fitness center.

Having insight into what draws people to active adult communities in the first place, is what developers and planners now consider before breaking ground. The members of the Baby Boomer generation now reaching their 50s are known for being passionate about fitness and outdoor activities.

And a growing number of Americans who have reached age 55 have decided their housing needs are drastically different from when they bought their first home. In many cases, kids have grown up and moved out, and suddenly the smaller family size status means a downsize is doable.

But they’re also looking for something more than just a move: for many Boomers there is the desire to live among people who are in the same age group and share their interests.

That’s why developers like AV Homes build 55-Plus communities that are specifically designed for those adults who are 55 and older. AV Homes has built communities like Vitalia at Tradition in South Florida and Solivita in Central Florida for those active adults who want to live in a warm climate state where they can engage in year-round outdoor activities.

Fitness centers are popular in 55-Plus communities because residents can exercise daily. It’s no wonder these high-end facilities are becoming a common amenity at these communities.

At Solivita, residents have access to a full-time, on-site activities director and Lifestyle Team that works with them to explore all the development has to offer. There are pickleball and tennis courts, softball fields and other sports facilities available, and there’s also miles of green space available for walking or biking. The only limit is how much time each resident has during the day to take advantage of what’s available to them.



Today’s 55-plus generation still cares deeply about health and fitness, which is why they’re called Active Adults. And developments like Solivita were built to meet all their needs.

Solivita was made with this generation in mind, offering them the ability to feel secure living in a gated community, to meet people who share their interests, and to take full advantage of all the amazing amenities that are available here.

To learn more, call 1-800-AVHOMES today to find out more about the active adult communities that we build.

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