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What’s Hot in Outdoor Living?

Summer is right around the corner, so everyone will be heading outside to enjoy the nice weather. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than as an extension of your new AV Home? We have some ideas for planning the perfect outdoor living space for your family with five of the latest design trendsand features.

Kill the grass. Thanks to the active pace of today’s families and the depletion of natural resources, people are less interested in growing and maintaining turf lawns. Installing low-maintenance gardens with hardscaping, drought-tolerant plants and water features is becoming more common. Fountains and ponds are very popular, along with pergolas and arbors to provide shade.

Put a lid on it. Having a roof over your outdoor living space provides plenty of advantages. On hot days, you have shade. On wet days, you have protection. A roof extends the time you can spend outside. Plus you can have ceiling fans, recessed lights, or even a feature wall.

Light it up. Outdoor lighting isn’t new, but the technology behind it is better and more efficient. Outdoor lighting allows you to stay outside for longer, creates drama when the sun goes down, and act as a safety feature. LED lighting is hot right now. It gives a truer color, has longer lasting bulbs, and saves electricity. LED fixtures are available in landscape lighting, as well as masonry, deck and patio applications.

Go high tech. Technology is heading outdoors. Integrating Wi-Fi controls in your outdoor audio-video system lets you enjoy music without having to go inside to control the volume or channel. There are outdoor lighting systems, fire features, and water features that can be controlled by a smart phone with the opening of an app.

Appliances. Barbecues are the basis of summer entertaining. But the current trend is for entire outdoor kitchens – barbecues, smokers and pizza ovens have joined exterior-grade appliances such as refrigerators, sinks, ice machines, and beer taps. Enjoy a lot more time outside this summer by giving your home a great outdoor living space the whole family can use! With these new trends, your perfect little outdoor getaway is right in your backyard!

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