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AV Homes helps residents weather Hurricane Irma

AV Homes helps residents weather Hurricane Irma



Living in the path of a hurricane is an unnerving experience, so when Hurricane Irma began to head toward Florida in early September, AV Homes moved swiftly to reassure residents in our communities that they would not be riding out the storm alone.

On Sept. 6, with the storm four days away from impacting Central Florida, Bill, a 12-year resident of Bellalago in Kissimmee, emailed AV Homes to express concerns over what hurricane force winds could do with uninstalled roof tiles left at a construction site near his home.

An AV Homes representative immediately replied to Bill and reassured him that our teams had begun implementing storm protocols.

“I just wanted to thank you for AV Homes’ quick response,” Bill replied the following day. “Within two hours of my email to you, we received an email confirmation in reference to the storm protocol implementation, which was followed by the contractors taking the proper action the next day. . . . Just in time.”

Once the storm passed through, AV Homes was equally fast in tackling debris cleanup in Solivita, nuestro 55+ comunidad en Kissimmee. Judy, a resident there, was impressed.

“Wow. . . they [landscape crews] make the place look like Irma never visited,” she wrote in an email on Sept. 14. “Just another beautiful day in paradise (Solivita)."

She even sent several photos of landscape crews working in her neighborhood.

“AV Homes takes a personal interest in our communities and we do our best to be good neighbors to the residents who live in them,” said Ken Thirtyacre, president of AV Homes’ Central Florida Division.








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