AV Homes

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy New

You wouldn’t buy a cell phone from 10 years ago, so why would you settle for an outdated home? En Casas AV, we specialize in building exceptional new homes in Arizona, Florida y Carolina del Norte. Our goal is to build you a brand new home with an exceptional location, distinctive features, and unbelievable amenities, as well as an innovative, experiencia de vida enriquecido.


  1. Personalization is key. One of the most appreciated benefits of building a new AV home is being able to tailor it for your family. We offer hundreds of choices, from the floor plan to the cabinets, the flooring to the light fixtures. In older used homes, this isn’t the case. You have to renovate – or get used to what’s already there.
  2. More “you”. A new AV home is designed to fit the way YOU live, with convenient features like walk-in closets, pantries, spacious garages, andflexible spaces that provide plenty of room for growth. With resale homes, especially older models, you may find that space is limited or has been customized to someone else’s preferences.
  3. The latest & greatest everything. A new AV home is built to current building codes, and includes the most innovative components. Your family will feel secure, with no worries about updating your systems any time soon.
  4. Less maintenance. Another advantage to building a new AV home is that you will have fewer maintenance issues. And if there is an issue, the home is covered by a new home warranty plan. If you had a previously owned home, there’s a strong possibility that you would be responsible for 100% of the repairs.
  5. Eficiencia energética. There’s no question that AV homes offer advanced, aislamiento no tóxico, low-E windows, Energy Star® appliances, and high-SEER heating and cooling systems. If you buy a resale home, keep in mind that you could end up with poor insulation, drafty windows or an old furnace, all of which will drive up your utility bills.


Before you buy “used”, come see us. Soon enough, you’ll have the all-new, all-you AV home you deserve.

Established in 1970, Casas AV es un constructor respetado a nivel nacional con una larga herencia de diseños innovadores y la artesanía sin igual. Specializing in both single family homes and 55-plus communities, Casas AV ha construido y cerrado sobre 7,500 homes nationwide. Hoy, Casas AV se dedica a la construcción de viviendas, desarrollo de la tierra,,en,y otras operaciones de bienes raíces en Florida,,en,Royal Oak Homes se unieron como una división de AV Casas,,en,ampliando aún más diseños de casas pendientes en el mercado de la Florida,,en,Royal Oak Homes ofrece una amplia selección de diseños de casas hechas a medida con un servicio al cliente sin igual,,en,Casas AV ampliaron aún más en el Charlotte,,en,área metropolitana de Carolina del Norte,,en,así como en el Condado de York y Lancaster en Carolina del Sur,,en,al unirse con Bonterra Constructores,,en,Casas inteligentes unió a la familia AV Casas,,en,Casas inteligentes ha experimentado un fuerte crecimiento al mismo tiempo ganar una reputación de calidad notable en el área de Raleigh,,en, and other real estate operations in Arizona, Florida, y Carolina del Norte.