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Welcome Committee at Vitalia

Moving into a new community is a big step at any point in your life but the welcome committee at Vitalia puts a personalized touch on the way they welcome home new residents. With so many faces joining this bustling community from all over the country, Vitalia residents have done a wonderful job at making the best lasting first impression!

What began as a small effort has grown to become a community wide endeavor! One particular resident, Mr. Dixon, makes welcoming home new residents his top priority by attending every new-home closing. His thoughtful trademark helps folks feel right at home from the start. Knowing that the entire welcome committee is just a phone call or knock on the door away makes new residents feel like they are exactly where they should be; home. Offering a helping hand in any way they can, all of our vibrant Vitalia residents go above and beyond for each other! Just wait, that’s only the beginning! Don’t be surprised when the welcome committee throws an old-fashioned block party! That’s just another Vitalia welcome! Always looking to have a good time, our residents put on some of the best welcome home celebrations. Now with the opening of the Captiva Club hosting multi-purpose rooms and the Grand Treasure Ballroom, the possibilities are endless! A great opportunity to mingle with the neighbors, lively gatherings like this are a fun way to meet and greet and a good time for the whole community!

Taking the next step towards the best years of your life is an exciting time and the welcome committee makes sure that our new residents don’t miss a beat! Kind gestures like these make memories that last a lifetime. The welcome committee is great representation as to the type of community atmosphere and lifestyle that is to be found here at Vitalia.