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The Top 2 Cities to Raise a Family

When starting or growing your family, location is extremely important. You want to be in a city that is affordable, safe and family-friendly. At AV Homes, we do our research to find the best cities to live and raise a family in, and that’s where we build our traditional communities. Below are our top two U.S. cities to raise your family and live the traditional lifestyle.

The Top 2 Cities to Raise a Family In

1. Phoenix Metro

There are many reasons why we love Phoenix. The weather is warm and beautiful throughout the year; shoveling snow is never a problem, and hiking, golfing and pool days can be everyday occurrences. In addition to the warm climate and outdoor activities, The Valley of the Sun is also an affordable city to live in. With a lower cost of living than the national average, Phoenix is much more affordable than nearby cities, such as San Diego or Las Vegas. It has a stable housing market, average home prices, and a good state tax climate. With lower prices on food, rent or mortgage, gas and utilities, Phoenix is one of the most affordable big cities in the Southwest.

The city of Phoenix is sprawled across more than 25 smaller suburbs. These suburbs, such as Mesa, Glendale, and Peoria, are extremely safe, family-friendly areas to live in. Raising your kids in these Phoenix Metro suburbs offers other benefits as well. With close proximity to all that the big city has to offer (sports, theatres, museums, restaurants, shopping, culture and more), these suburbs have all of the small-town benefits you could hope for when raising a family, with the added benefits of culture and diversity the big city provides. Each of these suburbs have their own distinct culture; with their own downtown areas, great neighborhood restaurants and schools. No matter which Phoenix Metro area you pick, it will be the perfect city to grow your family in.

2. Orlando Metro

When you think of Orlando, what comes to mind first, the beaches or the theme parks? Either way, you know your kids will love it. Growing up in Orlando, your kids will never run out of fun things to do. From playing in the ocean, visiting Disney World, or going to Orlando Magic games, there are always fun activities to keep your kids busy within the Orlando Metro area. Besides the fun activities, why else should you move to Orlando? For one, the cost of living in Orlando is lower than the national average, and with no state income tax, you can have more money in your pocket.
Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” for its beautiful, warm weather all year round. With a tropical climate, Florida residents never deal with snow and are able to enjoy those beautiful beaches every day of the year! The Orlando Metro area is also home to great schools and universities, so your kids will have never-ending opportunities to learn and grow. We love the Orlando Metro area, and can attest first-hand to what a great city it is to raise a family in.

Whether you are interested in raising your family near the Atlantic Ocean or in the Southwest, you can’t go wrong with Phoenix or Orlando. These two cities offer more than you could ever dream of when it comes to family life and raising your kids. With endless events and outdoor activities to keep them busy, you’ll spend weekends with your family exploring and discovering whichever city you choose to call home.