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Meet Your Solivita Neighbor

Sunny Depoian has a disposition to match her name. On the Solivita forum when postings get argumentative, Sunny usually puts a “let’s all play nice, after all, we live in paradise” kind of message. She and her husband have lived in Solivita for nine years. Before coming here, they lived in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Her husband, Don was in electronics and Sunny was a dental office manager. Although they are both retired now, Sunny says she wouldn’t turn down a part-time office position.

Here’s her story about discovering Solivita: “We were looking in the Clermont/Leesburg area but were to have dinner with friends who live in Cypress Woods (not to be confused with Cypress Cove). Our friend suggested we look at Solvita on our way down. We knew nothing about Solivita. So…on our way we did stop in. We drove through the main gate and at the same time, Don and I said “I want to live here”. The rest is history.”

She has many favorite places in Solivita but says The Grille is the best with its great food and friendly servers. “It is always a treat to see one of our friends or neighbors and join them,” she added.

Sunny Depoian and husband at Solivita AV Homes Blog-  She loves having family come to visit. They have three sons, 5 grandchildren and a dog named Shadow. Want a daytrip? She recommends Tarpon Springs, especially for the Greek food. Locally she’s a fan of Bahama Breeze for dining out occasions.

When asked what a typical day would be for the two of them, she replied, “There is no typical day. Things are so spontaneous.”

She had a unique wildlife sighting this spring. Everyone in Solivita loves the baby sandhill cranes. They were actually able to see the cranes hatch out (within minutes) “One minute we were looking at the eggs, and a minute or two later little beaks pecked through the egg,” she said.

When asked about ther hobbies or clubs, she responded, “I am a member of PALS (Pets are loved in Solivita) which was instrumental in getting a dog park. I am also a member of SoFEES (Solivita Friends of Eastside Elementary School). We do food drives for the children at the school. We also hold a school supply drives and new underwear collections. The children at the school are 98% below the proverty level.”

Her favorite activity is rehearsing and performing with Guys and Dolls (chorus) and Starliters (show choir). Here is how important those are for her, ” It puts me in world apart from the every day. Although I am not quite ready for Lincoln Center, singing with both groups makes me feel the music. We are all residents and put our hearts and souls into every performance. It is family!”

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