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Make the Most of Summer Gardening

Gardening is a well-known flexible and affordable way to relieve stress. If you would like to grow a garden on your own but have limited knowledge or experience, follow these simple steps to make the process as easy and constructive as possible.

  1. Divide and conquer: This is especially true if you plan to complete the job alone. Divide your outdoor space into zones and only tackle one project in each zone at a time. A good rule of thumb is to start with the backyard, and then make your way to the front. Beginning with your backyard as opposed to your front helps keep your curb appeal intact by allowing common “first-timer” mistakes to happen in the back of your home where it’s less visible.
  2. Be aware of your climate zone: There are dozens of climate types throughout the United States alone. From the wet northwestern region, to the central highland plains, keep your local climate in mind to ensure that you choose the proper plants for your home garden. Efficient plant choices should require minimal maintenance throughout the year, which benefits both you and your garden in the long run.
  3. Consider low maintenance: Lower-maintenance grass is known as a more popular choice for new gardeners. Lower cost, less time to apply and maintain, and the reduced use of fertilizers and weed killers are all considered benefits of using low maintenance grasses, such as UC Verde Buffalo and No Mow Lawn Mix.
  4. Almost everything old can be new again: Vintage items such as birdcages, picture frames, shutters and rocking chairs are currently very trendy in today’s common garden. The hunt for rare one-of-a-kind finds is also a great excuse to look through thrift stores and yard sales for antique water jugs, mason jars, crates or other fun and unique containers to add a quirky flare to your garden’s design.
  5. Always see potential: Many novice gardeners prefer to leave their backyards as natural spaces. A backyard does not need to be a neglected area of your home; it’s just waiting to burst with beauty. Surprisingly, all it often takes is just a bit of mulch, some flowering shrubs and a light tree trim. Add simple charm through the placement of decorative stones, or a brick walkway for structure.

Summertime sees most people doing their best to take advantage of the sunshine by going to beaches, concerts and other outdoor activities as a way to let some of their tension go. Common misconceptions are that you should travel far or spend large amounts of money to have a good time and enjoy a tranquil environment. Always remember that a great way to enjoy the perks of summer can be found right in your own backyard.

AV Homes’ Community Solivita provides a community garden for residents to enjoy summer-calming gardening time.