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Good salespeople, exceptional builder, says Bellalago homeowner

Good salespeople, exceptional builder, says Bellalago homeowner

Vandy L. Colter III, Ph.D., recently paid us the highest compliment by writing to praise the AV Homes team members who had made his home buying and building experience so memorable. We say “memorable” because after a year of living in the home he and his wife, Barbara, built in Bellalago, AV Homes’ new community in Kissimmee, Dr. Colter recalled the names of salespeople and a construction manager, commending their professionalism and can-do attitudes.


Dr. Colter said he waited to share his sentiments with us “until after the dust settled” because he wanted to be sure that he and his wife were still happy with their home purchase.


From the sounds of the letter, the New Jersey transplants couldn’t be happier:


“Cari Patterson, T.R. Wyman and Yasmin Pina were phenomenal,” Dr. Colter wrote of the salespeople who had helped him and Barbara with their home purchase. “Their . . .  knowledge and assistance in helping us along the way was priceless.”


But it was the perfectionism of construction manager Gus Ramirez that sealed Dr. Colter’s effusive opinion of his AV Homes experience, even after a year had passed, saying the workmanship in his new home was “almost flawless.”


“How our home was built under Mr. Ramirez’s leadership made our experience something that we will remember for the rest of our lives,” Dr. Colter wrote to us. “It’s one thing to be an exceptional builder and it’s another to be an exceptional person; Mr. Ramirez happens to be exceptional at both.”


Dr. Colter’s letter reinforces AV Homes’ commitment to excellence and our belief that it takes great people like Gus, Cari, T.R. and Yasmin to make a home purchase a lasting and fond memory.


Thank you for the kind words, Dr. Colter!

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