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Genealogy 4 Class Series at CantaMia

Monday, March 19th /24th /26th /31st – 4 part series
6:30pm – 7:30pm
$75.00 – includes all 4 classes – please pay at the front desk by 3/14

Unpuzzle Your Past One Piece at a Time with, © 2014 Kathleen Goodrich, M.Ed.

Get ready to discover who you really are! Your family has a unique story. Every person and event from your past—every story of bravery and sacrifice, every act of betrayal and selfishness—is what makes you who you are today. A solid foundation in Family History research is the first step towards finding those stories and getting a new perspective on your life. These entertaining classes are for anyone wanting a simple, hands-on approach to genealogy—from absolute beginners, to those who have started researching but are just not progressing. You will learn basic skills and gain the confidence necessary to make researching your heritage the adventure of a lifetime!

Four classes, each 1 hour in length. $75 for the series:

1) How to think like a genealogist
2) How to avoid brick walls
3) How to find and analyze records that genealogists use
4) How to start with one name and extend a family line

This is just one example of the many events, clubs and activities scheduled throughout the month for residents of CantaMia!   For additional information about the vibrant CantaMia lifestyle, contact the CantaMia Sales Center at (623) 474-6960.