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The First Annual Solivita Olympics

The excitement is building in anticipation for the opening day of the first annual Solivita Olympics 2014. An event as large-scale as this one deserves a whole week! The celebrations kick off in true Olympic fashion with opening day festivities and a classic street party. The main boulevard through the heart of Solivita’s Mediterranean inspired village will be closed off making room for street vendors, food trucks and of course, dancing room! Throughout the week, Olympic Games participants will be competing in events ranging from billiards and poker to pickleball and water volleyball.

Like many community events, these Olympics games are the fruition of yet another resident driven club, The Solivita Polk County of the Continental Societies. For more than 50 years, the Continental Societies have held true to creating environments that empower children by giving them access to appropriate, quality opportunities that will help them reach their optimal potential.  Dedicated to improving the lifestyle of local underprivileged children in the areas of health, education, employment, recreation, arts and humanities, all proceeds from this event go towards the Solivita Polk County of the Continental Societies continued support of these core principles.

Through partnerships with local and national institutions, club members are anticipating this to be their largest fundraiser to date. The more than 7,000 Solivita residents will be in attendance as participants or spectators during the games, raising money and awareness for this noble cause. Home to such amazing residents, it’s wonderful to experience first-hand what hours of teamwork, planning and hard work can achieve! Just one of many Solivita resident clubs, these community wide efforts positively affect so many people beyond the gates.

The more the merrier! If you’d like to  cheer on the athletes, contact Solivita to learn more about how to get invovled! These weeklong festivities are open to the public so everyone can take part in the fun! As the first annual Olympic Games, don’t miss your chance to make Solivita history!