AV Homes

The Benefits of Buying a New Home

The most frequently asked question a consumer in the market for a home may ask themselves is, “Why should I buy a new home?” Seems like a fair statement given the abundance of used homes on the market. When compared side by side, the perks and benefits of a new home outweigh the used-home competition.

When purchasing a new home, the most influential detail is that this new home will be built with the design features and materials chosen by you thus creating a living space tailored to your tastes. From the exterior color of the house to picking your lot, buying a new home allows you to be completely involved throughout the entire construction and customization of your home. Advancements in green energy and high efficiency technology have made todays new home more cost conscious. Older homes don’t always have the most recent codes implemented that would increase the overall efficiency of your home. What this breaks down to is monthly savings on the homeowner’s electricity bill which leaves more money in pocket to decorate that beautiful new home. With the busy schedule that most homeowners lead, spending less time on making repairs to your home is also a big plus. A new home means fewer repairs and less maintenance with the use of new products that are specifically designed to make maintaining your new home as easy as possible. Additionally, new homes come with a warranty plan that covers many details of the home, inside and out. A major contributing factor in where you will call home is the community. Dedicated to building more than just homes, AV Homes delivers homeowners with an astounding resident-centered lifestyle in our traditional and 55-plus communities.

With so many details to consider, AV Homes has a section dedicated to answering some of today’s homebuyers’ common questions. In an easy-to-use format, the Home Buyer Tools tab presents useful information that’s important to you. Purchasing a new home is a big decision at any point in your life. The piece of mind that comes with an AV Homes new home makes enjoying your new home for years to come a delight.