AV Homes

AV Homes Celebrates 20 Strong Years on NASDAQ

AV Homes, Inc. celebrated it’s 20th year anniversary being listed on NASDAQ last week. As you see from the photograph, the celebration was displayed on the Tower in New York City’s Times Square.

Long before we became a publicly traded company, AV Homes, Inc. has been building trust with our customers one home at a time. We appreciate the fact that what we design and build reaches far beyond walls, doors and windows. Your home is truly a sense of family and place; a haven of comfort and joy. This understanding shapes our entire thinking and philosophy, and has culminated in our central promise: build what you value most.

Thatís a responsibility which AV Homes values and takes deep pride and pleasure in fulfilling; one which our team aspires to daily and which embraces a true passion in continually reassuring you that we will always do the right thing.

To that end, AV Homes distinguishes itself by creating award-winning designs emphasizing the principles of healthy living and community involvement, and brings the professionalism of its veteran team to ensure an unforgettable and seamless experience in reaching our goal: a positively delighted homeowner.

When planning each inspired setting, AV Homes thoughtfully considers the location, features, accessibility, amenities, activities, and ultimately your well-being in always providing an innovative, exceptional and enriched living experience.