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9 Reasons to Live in Phoenix

Thinking of relocating to Arizona? Make sure you take a good look at Phoenix. It’s a great city with something for everyone. There are plenty of reasons why Phoenix is one of the best places to live.

1.)   The Weather. Yes, it gets hot in the summer. But most buildings are air-conditioned and the humidity is very low. And the rest of the year is sunny & warm. Plus, no blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes or floods.

2.)   The Location. Phoenix is a large metropolitan city, so it’s convenient to anything you may want or need. And it’s easy to make your way to other places, like Northern Arizona, Las Vegas, California or Mexico.

3.)   Recreation. One of the benefits of consistently warm, sunny days is plenty of opportunities to play outside! Take your pick – golfing, hiking, cycling, fishing, and more. You’ll never be bored.

4.)   Life-Work Balance. Phoenix offers a great place to work. There are plenty of good-paying jobs, and opportunities to grow. And when people are happy at work, they tend to be more relaxed and happy at home, enjoying the carefree lifestyle that Phoenix is known for.

5.)   Steady Real Estate Market. Though it took a hit during the Recession, Phoenix is bouncing back nicely. Interest rates are low, home prices are reasonable, and there is a variety of products available.

6.)   Cultural Attractions. From the Phoenix Art Museum to the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Symphony to the Phoenix Ghost Tour, this town is full of interesting and engaging cultural activities. There is always something going on.

7.)   Easy to Navigate. Phoenix is laid out in a grid, so it is really easy to navigate. The roads and interstates are very well laid out, and go pretty much everywhere you might want to go.

8.)   The Views. It’s pretty obvious, but you’d be hard pressed to top the views of rows and rows of mountains, not to mention the gorgeous sunsets.

9.)   Everyone Lives Here! People from all over the U.S. – and the rest of the world – live in Phoenix. It’s a very multi-cultural city, which means great food, music and festivities!

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