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4 Easy Summertime DIY Projects

Are you looking for a way to unleash your inner creativity? This summer, celebrate the season and do a little DIY! Whether with friends, your kids or grandkids, or by yourself, getting crafty is the perfect summertime activity in your AV home or outside in your gorgeous backyard.



Living in an AV home means living your most comfortable life, on your time and on your terms. Try your hand at something new and fun! Below are our favorite things to DIY:


  1. Gilded Vases


Add some gold to your home! These chic and shimmery vases bring a touch of beauty and light to any table. Whether you decide to place them indoors or outdoors, you’ll love looking at these homemade decorations.

First, apply adhesive with a foam brush to the outside of a mason jar. When the substance turns clear in about 30 minutes, apply sheets of gold leaf and rub away excess with a paper towel. Add your favorite flowers and voila — you have a gorgeous decoration to spruce up your home! For full instructions, check here.


  1. Magical Mini Garden


School’s out for the summer! Have some fun with your kids or grandkids and add some magic to your backyard! You’ll need a planter or pot, flowers (try potted moss or daisies), rocks, a birdhouse, and junior planting tools.

Together, fill the planter with dirt and arrange the items however you wish! Finally, sprinkle with glitter (“fairy dust!”) Your kids or grandkids will love letting their imaginations run free and creating something beautiful to admire at your home all summer. Find full instructions here.


  1. Easy and Delicious Red Sangria


What better way to enjoy the summer than by sitting outside with a nice glass of refreshing sangria? This tasty drink is one of the most fun to make! Pair with your favorite appetizer, like a meat and cheese plate or crostinis, and you’ve got a perfect afternoon.

This recipe includes an apple, an orange, brown sugar, orange juice, brandy, dry Spanish wine, and ice. Note: any fruity and full-bodied red wine will work! Full for instructions on how to make this delectable drink, click here.


  1. 4th of July Wreath


Put your skills to the test and get ready for the most patriotic holiday of all with a red, white, and blue wreath! This wreath is so much fun to make, and will look incredible on your AV Homes door. For this craft, you’ll need FloraCraft® Make It: Fun®Wreath Form, red, white, and blue broadcloth, straight pins, and gold ribbon.

You’ll cut or tear the fabric into 4-inch wide strips and then cut those down into squares. Fold each fabric square in half and then in half again, and fasten together with a pin, or hold the middle of the square and gather it up. Then you’ll attach the squares onto the wreath with pins! For full instructions and a look at the gorgeous, finished product, click here.


An AV home is a place where you’ll always feel like your best self. Add a little DIY to your schedule of fun — who knows, you might just find your new favorite hobby! For more information on our AV homes and communities, please visit our website, or give us a call at 602-497-3570.