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February 26, 2014
When starting or growing your family, location is extremely important. You want to be in a city that is affordable, safe and family-friendly. At AV Homes, we do our research to find the best cities to live and raise a family in, and that’s where we build our traditional communities. Below are our top two U.S. cities to raise your family and live the traditional lifestyle.
May 11, 2012
Having resided in Solivita for six years with my wife Chris, I would say the number one reason that we love our life here is the people! We now have a circle of friends far more extensive than we had developed over 21 years in our former home state of Connecticut. I think there’s something about living in a warm, beautiful paradise that makes people happier and friendlier. Our large group of friends is so caring and generous. We know that they would do anything for us, just as they know we wou…
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February 26, 2014
If shoveling snow, scraping ice and staying warm indoors doesn’t sound like your ideal retirement, it’s time to make plans to retire outside of Canada! Imagine spending your golden years enjoying the outdoors by golfing, biking, hiking and relaxing poolside every day. Sounds like a much better retirement plan, which is why Phoenix, Arizona is the ideal place for Canadians to retire.
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February 26, 2014
There are plenty of reasons to move to the sunshine state that is Florida, but have you ever wondered what the top 10 most popular reasons are? Well, you have come to the right place. From the constant sunshine to the wonderful people that live in Florida, we are counting down the top ten reasons.
March 06, 2014
The results are in. And we couldn't be prouder. Aspiring to excellence is a way of life at AV Homes and for the people of Joseph Carl Homes. It is part of the fabric of our company and it’s another business practice that sets us apart. This makes it especially gratifying each time we earn the recognition of our peers and industry experts. It’s something that has happened over 100 times during the last decade. From community and home designs, to environmental leadership and community se…