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New Homes for Military Personnel

Serving our country is a rigorous and demanding endeavor and as a service to our servicemen and women AV Homes offers a quality constructed new home with energy efficiency, low-maintenance and warranty guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Monthly Payments from $781*Principal and Interest

 – Traditional Communities

 – 55-Plus Community

* Based on a $165,990, 7-1 ARM amortized over 30 years with an initial interest rate of 3.875% with an APR of 4.0185%, after fixed-period of 7 years the rate may increase annually; individual adjustments are capped at 2% first, 2% subsequent, and rate can never increase by more than the lifetime cap of 5%. A payment example would be as follows based on a fully capped interest rate over the life of the loan. Years 1-7 at 3.875% with a payment of $781.00. Year 8 at 5.875% with a payment of $982.00. Year 9-30 at 8.875% with a payment of $1,321.00 (the lifetime cap).The monthly payment may change when the interest rate on an adjustable rate mortgage is reset. After the initial fixed-rate period, your interest rate can increase annually according to the market index. The current index plus Margin rounded to the nearest 0.855% is 2.255%. Any change may significantly impact your monthly payment. No pre-payment penalty applies. Monthly payment includes principal, interest, taxes and insurance only; any other fees such as HOA not included and will result in a greater actual monthly payment amount. Assumes borrower meets established credit guidelines, sets up a tax and insurance escrow account and pays down payment of $33,198 Loan program available through imortgage, however buyer may finance via any qualified lender but will not be eligible for this offer. Developer may change home design, materials, features, amenities, method of construction, prices and promotions without notice. This is not an offer in states and jurisdictions where prior registration is required and void where prohibited by law. No offer for sale or lease can be made and no offer to purchase can be accepted prior to the issuance of the final Arizona Public Report. A public report is available on the Arizona Department of Real Estate website located at www.azre.gov ROC #256789. © Copyright 2017 AV Homes of Arizona, LLC. AV Homes is the exclusive trademark of AV HOMES of Arizona, LLC. Pursuant to the Fair Housing Act, 55-Plus communities are intended for occupancy by at least one person 55 years of age or older per home, although the occupants of a limited number of the homes may be younger, but no one under 18 years of age may be in permanent residence.